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Not only was he much aggrieved by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, he was surrounded by deception and lies—by words used to obfuscate the truth and to sustain injustice.

Shadows of an Ancient Foe Audiobook by Brian Glover

Sophistry has always found its uses and its patrons. As St. In face of a culture of death that is perforce a culture of lies, it is worth reminding ourselves about the essential characteristics of the sophist. The foe was Protagoras of Abdera ca.

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As depicted by Plato, he bore the common characteristics of his fellow teachers of worldly wisdom. Socrates and his young charge, one Hippocrates, must seek him out at the home of a wealthy man; we learn that Protagoras was always to be found indoors.

Unlike Socrates, who frequented the agora and accepted all comers in conversation, the Sophist carefully chose his audience. Moreover, it was an audience that paid him, whereas Socrates accepted no emolument.

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Our Ancient Foe. by Keith Mathison. Talk of the Devil and spiritual warfare makes some people roll their eyes. We live in an age of particle. Talk of the Devil and spiritual warfare makes some people roll their eyes. We live in an age of particle accelerators, microchips, and organ.

Protagoras, of course, knew that only the wealthy could afford to buy their sons the pricey training he sold, and that the wealthy are few, so he traveled Greece gathering his students together. The practice was a cause of concern to Socrates. His teaching was always performance. And so it unfolded from the outset. By turns employing the incisive questions for which he is famous and also a lengthy monologue in the very style of Protagoras but with infinitely greater skill, Socrates reveals that his adversary cannot explain his own position as well as Socrates himself can do it for him.

The Devil.

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Each name makes us shudder. He delights in rendering believers powerless, ruining their testimonies, and destroying their lives. These are serious threats, but are we taking Satan seriously? Are we on guard against his agenda?

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Do we know how to stand firm against the Prince of Darkness? Here respected pastor-scholars including Kent Hughes, Joel Beeke, and Sinclair Ferguson shine the light of Scripture on our ancient foe, identifying who he is, explaining how he operates, exposing his web of lies, and celebrating his final demise.

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