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After the death of their leader during the war with the Drow , Berkthgar the new leader decided to return to their old way of life on the tundra. Ellifain is an elf who appears in a series of New York Times best-selling books by R.

cloudboyfriend.com/phone-locate-software-oppo.php She is also mentioned in all of the Hunter's Blades Trilogy books. Ellifain appears as a child when benign drow warrior Drizzt Do'Urden travels from the Underdark to the surface with a raiding party of other, not so benign drow, including Drizzt's brother Dinin Do'urden. While Ellifain's clan is dancing under the stars, the drow attack.

All of the elves are massacred, except for Ellifain, who is saved when Drizzt Do'Urden covers the trembling and screaming Ellifain with her own mother's blood, making it look like she is also mortally wounded, and hiding her under her mother's body and forcing her to be quiet.

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This thoroughly fools the other drow, sparing Ellifain's life. Ellifain appears only briefly here. As a young adult, Ellifain is living in the Moonwood, fostering a powerful hate for drow, especially the local 'hero' Drizzt Do'Urden , who she falsely views to be a lie. Drizzt passes through the forest on his way to the Underdark, and Ellifain promptly attacks him. Drizzt does avoid getting hit by her sword and does not strike back at her.

It then takes many elves to hold her back. Ellifain, now under the guise of Le'lorinel, a male elf, clearly remembers that fateful night when her clan was massacred, still fostering a huge hatred of drow.

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She is now out of the Moonwood and is serving a wizard somewhere else. Her reward for the work is an onyx ring containing 4 spells. She visits a local gnome seer to try to find Drizzt, who she has sworn to kill.

The gnome divines with his crystal ball and shows 'him' two signs, one the combined symbols of Dwarven gods Moradin and Dumathoin, the other being the combined symbols of Dumathoin and Clangeddon. The seer tells Ellifain that these are the symbols on the twin heads of Aegis-Fang , a warhammer forged by dwarven king Bruenor Battlehammer and carried by Wulfgar , both of which are part of an adventuring band called the Companions of the Hall , which also includes Drizzt.

The gnome tells her that the symbols will lead her to Drizzt. The elf then ventures to Luskan and eventually meets an agent of the infamous pirate Sheila Kree. She is knocked unconscious and is brought to Golden Cove, Sheila Kree's secret port that she shares with a clan of ogres. She is branded with Aegis-Fang , which Sheila received through Luskan's blackmarket.

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The Companions of the Hall eventually arrive in search of Aegis-Fang. Drizzt slides down a chimney and comes out in the hearth of a room containing Ellifain and a huge ogre. Ellifain promptly kills the behemoth to have Drizzt for herself. She fights him, using 3 spells, and when Drizzt summons a globe of magical darkness around she uses her last spell, the fire shield, which inflicts the same wounds given to the user of the spell to the giver of the wounds.

Since they are in the globe of darkness, Drizzt cannot see the tell-tale flames. Drizzt punctures Ellifain's lung, which immediately does the same to Drizzt. Then, Catti-brie comes in with a healing potion. Drizzt, now recognizing Ellifain, pleads to Catti-brie to give it to Ellifain, but Bruenor, now in the room, tells Cattie-brie otherwise. Drizzt is saved, but Ellifain is not. Drizzt has her buried in the tunnel complex of Golden Cove. Whilst there, Drizzt is able to speak with her spirit and apologize, to which Ellifain accepts and by Drizzt's reasoning, is at peace.

The Flaming Fist is the largest and most powerful mercenary company of the Forgotten Realms. The Flaming Fist is based in the city of Baldur's Gate on the Sword Coast , where its members serve as a guard within the city. Their job is to put down with deadly force any who commit egregious acts of evil.

Nine Dragons I Have Known by Alyc Helms

They also work out of this city, going down just south of Beregost but stopping before Nashkel. From Nashkel onwards, the Amnish soldiers keep guard. The organizations's base of operations is in the city of Baldur's Gate, although they have other forts and establishments in Anchorome , Chult , and Tethyr. Game designer Ken Rolston commented on the Flaming Fist in his review of the original Forgotten Realms Campaign Set : "the detailed description of the Flaming Fist Mercenary Company is an interesting, extreme design example. Considering the DMG hirelings tables [pages ], it's hard to see how this bunch can stay in business even at 10, gp a day, but I still think it is a neat idea that is well presented.

The Flaming Fist plays a prominent role in the plot of the Baldur's Gate series computer games. In particular, the following characters are members of the Flaming Fist:. Florin Falconhand was also a stand-in member at times. A swashbuckler and con artist, the moon elf called the Fox-at-Twilight or "Light" is an enigma at best. She fights by trickery as much as by blade, luring her opponents into underestimating her by guile or plying her considerable charm to get what she wants.

Her exact origins are unknown, and she has made a variety of outrageous claims about her past, including being a former lover of her divine patron, Erevan Ilesere. She is notable in that she appears both before the Spellplague and time-jump in the novel Depths of Madness and the sourcebook The Grand History of the Realms as well as after, in the form of Lady Ilira Nathalan in the novel Downshadow.

He is head of the Zhentarim , chosen and arch-priest of Bane. Once a servitor of Manshoon , he managed to kill him and take his position of master of the Zhents. Fzoul is a high-level adversary as his status as chosen and arch-priest of Bane lends him considerable powers and the Zhentarim offers him considerable resources. He once had an understanding with Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun but whether he has to respect it since the archmage's death is doubtful at best. Formerly the mortal Chosen Tyrant of his dark overlord, Fzoul eventually was killed fighting the shadovar and was granted his current status as a Demi god as his reward for dying in Bane's service.

Galaeron Nihmedu is the main character in Return of the Archwizards, a trilogy of novels by Troy Denning. Galaeron has a little sister named Keya, turquoise-haired and only about eighty years of age. Galaeron is tall and solidly built for a moon elf and has the pale skin and regal features common to his race; two decades of serving as a Tomb Guard along the Desert Border South have left his face mildly rugged and weather-beaten.

He is skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and sorcery, having attended both academies of the College of Magic and Arms. As he is a sorcerer , he was often discriminated against in the academies which favor regular wizards , being called arrogant and stubborn.

Arez, Latigo & Chik Tormenta vs Aramis, Dragon Bane & Starfire (Xplosion - December 1st, 2018)

Eventually, they accused him of using dark magics and demanded to see his spellbook; unfortunately, he never had one. Unlike most mages , sorcerers do not forget spells after they use them; thus, they do not require spellbooks and the like or countless hours of relearning spells.

It took Lord Imesfor's intervention to win Galaeron a place in the Tomb Guard, a militia of Evereska that guards the elven crypts in the area against almost always human thieves. He was assigned to the Desert Border South which borders the Great Desert of Anauroch as a patrol leader in the Tomb Guard, where he served for twenty years. His life was made harder by Kiinyon Colbathin, Tomb Master and Master of the Defenses of Evereska, who for some reason felt scornful of him.

On 20 Nightal, the Year of the Unstrung Harp DR , Galaeron led his patrol into an ancient crypt housing seven Aryvandaaran nobles, high lords of the aggressive Vyshaan clan who had started the First Crown War , plunging the entire elven race into three thousand years of violent carnage.

The Gossamer Plain: Not much happens

The patrol tracked down a band of Vaasans a human ethnicity native to Vaasa and followed them through a dwarven tunnel to where they were using a beholder to carve a path to the Sharn Wall, a silver-colored magical barrier that imprisons the phaerimm. The Vaasans were trying to locate Melegaunt Tanthul, an archwizard from the ancient Netherese city of Shade. The elves had a small skirmish with the crypt-breakers, and then Melegaunt himself appeared.

Galaeron's and Melegaunt's magical bolts collided, creating an explosion that punctured a hole in the Sharn Wall. Magic from the Weave and magic from the Shadow Weave mingle with disastrous effects. This freed the phaerimm, an ancient, malevolent, and powerful race that were imprisoned beneath Anauroch by a mysterious race known as the sharn after the collapse of Netheril. The leader of the Vaasan band, Vala Thorsdotter, was loyal to Melegaunt through a debt made by her great grandfather, Bodvar. As more phaerimm escaped through the breach, they began gathering armies of bugbears , illithids , and beholders that they had enthralled through their mind magic.

Melegaunt, Vala, and Galaeron went on a journey to stop the phaerimm, Melegaunt leading the way but not telling them where they were going. On their journey, they were eventually accompanied by a little man named Malik el Sami yn Nasser actually the Seraph of Lies, the highest honor bestowed by Cyric and Aris, a stone giant priest whom Galaeron rescued from beholders serving the phaerimm.

Along the way, Melegaunt took advantage of Galaeron's sorcery skills to teach him how to use the Shadow Weave , a mostly unknown source of magic now controlled by Shar that was split from the Weave in ancient times when Karsus temporarily usurped Mystryl 's power. It is also greatly effective against the phaerimm, who are highly resistant to magical attack except for the Shadow Weave, which they know nothing about. A side effect to Galaeron's use of shadow magic was that he overindulged in it and came into conflict with his shadow self.

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A shadow is not opposite, but absence. In Galaeron's case, it was the absence of kindness and loyalty. He slowly began losing some of his emotional self-control and compassion and lost the ability to go into Reverie, the elven method of deep meditation and subconscious connection with other elves, and had to sleep and have dreams like a human. For the first time in his life, Galaeron also felt jealousy such as when he found his mother sitting in Elminster 's lap while he clutched her behind.

He also lost his ability to tap into the Weave and had to solely rely on the Shadow Weave for magic. While drawing energy from the Weave feels somewhat like warmth coming into one's body all at once, drawing upon the Shadow Weave feels as if a burst of coldness comes up from the ground through one's feet and into the body. Galaeron eventually became used to it, however, and soon the coldness no longer bothered him. Melegaunt continuously warned Galaeron to not use the magic so often, lest Galaeron be consumed by his shadow.

Melegaunt led his small entourage to the ruins of Karse in the High Forest. Keeping his true intent hidden, he only told his companions that in Karse there was something to defeat the phaerimm. In the temple of Karsus, Melegaunt was killed by a lich , but before he died, he imparted all of his knowledge of the phaerimm into Galaeron's subconscious. Earlier, had also told of his past: he was the Twelfth Prince of Shade, and his people were able to defeat the phaerimm.

Follow me now, for the Return is at hand!

Dragon's Bane & Gossamer

With Melegaunt's knowledge stored in his mind, Galaeron became a valuable asset to the ruler of Shade, Telamont Tanthul. Also, during his imprisonment by Telamont, Galaeron joined with his shadow, filling in the gaps of his character and making him more whole while still being able to keep his will as his own. When Galaeron arrived back in Evereska, he helped the high mages repair the mythal, which had been unraveled by a phaerimm SpellGather.

This inadvertently added something new to the mythal : after the golden meteors descended to blast apart the phaerimm, streaks of shadow were left in their wake.

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