Gun Law (Ralph Cotton Western Series)

Showdown at Gun Hill
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The only man with the skills to lead a wagon train on the last leg of the rugged Oregon trail, Preacher knows they're headed into trouble. It's hard enough for a hundred greenhorns to survive the wilds of the northwest; being pursued by thieving renegade outlaws and Indians with a thirst for gold makes it damn near impossible. Framed for murder, Dewey "Mac" McKenzie is running for his life. Though Mac's never even made a pot of coffee, he talks his way onto a cattle drive heading west as a chuckwagon cook. Turns out he has a natural talent for turning salt pork and dried beans into culinary gold.

He's as good with a pot and pan as he is with a gun, which comes in handy on a dangerous trail drive beset with rustlers, hostile Indians, ornery weather, and deadly stampedes. Mac can hold his own with any cowboy twice his age. At least until the real showdown begins. Passing through Crooked Creek, Utah, Chance Tyree runs afoul of the law, and soon finds himself on the wrong end of a hanging rope. Only Owen Fowler can help him.

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But is Owen a friend, or is he the harbinger of even greater trouble for Chance? When Zach Connors and his pa left their Kentucky homestead in the summer of to see the Rocky Mountains, he didn't realize he would never see his childhood home again or that he would find love, friendship, fame, and a new home in this wild and harsh wilderness.

After a grizzly kills his pa, Zach struggles to survive a cold and brutal winter alone.

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God bless you and your loved ones. By: Ralph Cotton. Lightly tanning pages. He has been my favorite western author for some time now. I had to dig deeper and find more simple ways of expressing through him than I would have had to by telling his story in Third Party.

After killing a rouge grizzly and fighting hostile Indians on his own, he becomes known as Grizzly Killer and is respected throughout the West. Along with his dog, Jimbo, whom the Indians call the Great Medicine Dog, he finds Running Wolf, an injured Ute warrior, and together they fight off a hostile war party.

They rescue two Shoshone sisters from the brutality of a French trapper and take them as wives. Crater City, New Mexico, is a bustling mining town brimming with the stench of men hungry to get rich the old fashioned way - by killing the competition. Dennis Conroy is the owner of the biggest saloon in town, and he needs a few good sharpshooters to help protect surveyors laying out a route for a spur line before his rival Hugh Thornton beats him to it. Joe Buckhorn's handy with a gun, so he takes the job.

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Against his best advice, he'll also take a liking to the boss's daughter. Worse, Buckhorn starts wondering exactly what kind of man he's working for. With millions of copies of his books in print, USA Today best-selling author Ralph Cotton is a contemporary giant in the Western genre. Blowing into Kindred, New Mexico, like a sandstorm, mercenary Sherman ''The Teacher'' Dahl quickly locates his prey and guns them down in a blazing firefight.

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Payback at Big Silver by Ralph Cotton

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