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We especially enjoy the annual meet ups where the family gets together. Jane's poodles are absolutely wonderful Having met some of his relatives I know Im not the only one to have made tgevright choice in selecting a breeder! A perfect fit in our family! Rachelle Harris-Milham.

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I had to have one of their pups. All of us owners-to-be were kept updated throughout the pregnancy and, once the pups were born, we eagerly awaited her daily reports and videos of the growing puppies. It was clear that Jane was putting her heart and soul into giving them the best possible start in life and, by eight weeks old, they were confident, happy little bundles of fur ready for their new lives. My little Kiki walked into our house with her head and tail held high, immediately made friends with my older toy poodle, and made herself at home.

She was well-adjusted, afraid of nothing and eager to please. She was virtually housetrained, and had none of the chewing or destructive tendencies that are typical in puppies. This was all thanks to her brilliant early handling by Jane. Now six months old, Kiki has an army of admirers, treats everyone as her best friend, and thinks life in general is fantastic.

Jane is always at the end of the phone and makes it very clear that, if there is ever an issue with her pups at any point in their lives, she will be there to help or, in a real crisis, take the dog back.

Nicola Tyrrell. From the moment we decided as a family that a Standard Poodle would be the right dog for us I wanted to do things right and find a reputable breeder. That's when I came across Jane's beautiful website.

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I fell in love with her dogs and seeing them all running free on country walks. Her passionate statements about their welfare and breeding principles convinced me that Jane was the right breeder for me despite being a good distance away. I was not disappointed. Jane is happy to give advice and easy to talk to and took us on a magical journey with her transparent approach in involving new parents.

We watched updates of pregnant mum, the births as they happened and regular updates every 2 days, photos and videos including worming, vet check ups, feeding and playing until we picked our poodle puppy Wilbur up at 9 weeks old. We also had the opportunity to meet our baby at 4 weeks old which was great. Wilbur on coming home took everything in his stride having clearly been raised confidently and well socialised.

He embraced our noisy children and fit into our family perfectly.

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Wilbur is now 6 months old and is a credit to Jane's hard work and vision. He is growing into a big robust and bouncy young man and we can't imagine life without him!

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Patricia Maclay is a work-from-home freelance writer, Otis The Poodle - Kindle edition by Otis Maclay, Patricia Maclay, Rana Williamson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Otis The Sheepadoodle (@otis_unleashed).

Through Jane's Facebook page 'Argentcymru have standards' we are able to keep in touch regularly with Jane and the ever growing Argentcymru family which is just lovely. Charlotte White. I had always wanted a standard because they are beautiful, nuts and just amazing! I was very keen to meet her and from the moment I contacted her she was just lovely and so friendly and knowledgable.

Jane is such a special person and we both knew on our drive home after a reluctant goodbye that we wanted to be on the list for one of her pups! But fate had another idea and in Jan a young man needed a new forever home. Kipling is one of Jane's puppies from a previous year, his mother is Daisy.

It was a heartbreaking situation for Jane and our first meeting with Kip is something both her and I will never forget! There were tears, laughs and lots of cuddles and love in that house that day. We were so honoured that Jane would let us give Kip a forever home. We have had Kip just over a year now and I can honestly say he is the most amazing personality. He is clever, smart, affectionate, funny and loving friend I could ever have. He has been perfect. Loud sounds don't bother him, he is happy to be left for a few hrs without a problem, he is very clean and does not touch anything that is not his.

He is a gentleman and we are so lucky. Thankyou Jane for bringing such light into our life. Lots of love xoxox Stephanie Segura. Our first three dogs were Bedlington Terriers — my mother is a Bedlington breeder and has bred many champions and been top breeder more than once. As a result, my wife and I are very fussy about who we will buy a dog from — we know what questions to ask and what to look for when finding a breeder.

We knew Jane was a great breeder from our very first meeting. After a brief exchange of emails, she invited us to her home so that we could meet her and her dogs. For Jane, it was an opportunity to check us out and decide if we were suitable people with an appropriate lifestyle to be allowed to own one of her pups. Had Jane not been as keen to get to know us as we were to get to know her, we would never have bought a puppy from her. Jane talked in detail about how she cares for her puppies and we saw where they are raised.

We discussed all aspects of keeping dogs and, as Jane said, we were absolutely on the same page! In we became the proud owners of our first Standard Poodle — Daisy. I had told Jane that I planned to take our poodle to agility and with her expert eye she picked out a pup that had inherited the dainty build and calm temperament of her mother.

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Daisy is very well-suited to agility — much more so than her handler! And what a very happy family it is, thanks to Jane and her total dedication to her dogs.

zombiesignal.com/1476.php Gavin Owen. The beginning of January saw my first Standard Poodle pup come home with me. What do I mean by that?

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NOT the case with Jane! Personally: I found this refreshing, endearing, a cut-above-the-rest!!! Thank-you for so very much more than my pup Jane! Alastair Fennell. When we decided a standard poodle was the breed for us I started researching breeders. I found Jane early on but kept looking for someone closer to us, as we live in West Sussex. I kept coming back to Jane though! Her beautiful dogs, her clear passion for the breed, her ethos of keeping her dogs after their breeding days are over and her focus on breeding for temperament and type resonated so strongly with me that I picked up the phone and booked a weekend in Wales to meet her and the dogs.

My 8 year old son came too and we both fell in love with the dogs and put our name on the list for a Red bitch. Jane was wonderful from the very first phone call and continues to provide us with advice and support via the Facebook page and directly whenever I message her. Juicy Mango who I introduce as my daughter is an absolute dream family pet. A beautiful dog with an amazing temperament, a real family member and an absolute dream to own. She should have been a movie star!

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Do not hesitate - my only advice is to get your name on that list soon! Nothing fazes Fizzle LillyxLouis 17mths. Sound, intelligent learn's fast, loves to work, adores a cuddle. I have owned dogs all my life and never had a more enthusiastic, adaptable and robust companion. The knowledge and care that goes into the breeding and the start for the puppies is 5 star.

I wouldn't go anywhere else for a standard Poodle. He's perfect his face just translates how kind he is. You couldn't find a friendlier natured girl bright gentle and loving..