Race in Cyberspace

The Cyberspace Arms Race: Artificial intelligence and cyber security
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""Race in Cyberspace is relevant to a rhetorically-based vision of the field because it opens up opportunities for a more insightful understanding of how race can. Groundbreaking and timely, Race in Cyberspace brings to light the important yet vastly overlooked intersection of race and cyberspace..

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The Cyberspace Arms Race: Artificial intelligence and cyber security | The OECD Forum Network

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So is artificial intelligence worrying?

One side effect of the hi-tech transformation of recent years has been the accompanying transformation of language, from the ease with which we attach the prefixes e- and cyber- to existing words, to our enthusiastic uptake of metaphors like webpage and rebooting. Russian cyber-marines engage in massive cyber-attacks , going so far as to target our voting machines. But more immediately, the Whitney exchange proved that even one black, Latino, Native American, or Asian-American participant can act as a catalyst for substantive online dialog. Latest Press Releases. Digitizing Race.

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Venus in Exile. Wendy Steiner. Debates in the Digital Humanities Matthew K. Cities, Citizens, and Technologies. Paula Geyh. Fourth, precaution has to be taken against new risks arising from emerging technologies. Emerging technologies, such as big-data analysis, cloud computing, quantum technology and AI, have made breakthroughs in the past decades. More technological developments in these areas have soon been transferred into the military field.

In future wars, unmanned and autonomous weaponry systems will certainly play a pivotal role. However, unmanned weapons may lower the threshold of war and lethal autonomous weapons could spell humanitarian disasters. Therefore, it is imperative for the defense authorities to keep an eye on the new risks rising from technology application while pursuing military superiority through applying emerging technologies, and prevent humanitarian disasters caused by proliferation and malicious use of cybertechnology.

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Risk assessment and mitigation measures shall be taken into consideration while designing and testing weaponry systems as well as deploying new technologies. The development and application of emerging technologies in defense field should always reflect the best of humanity. Invention and innovation of the cyberspace are fruits of human wisdom. It is the responsibility of the defense authorities to ensure that the emerging cybertechnologies continue to benefit the human race and promote international security, rather than create a frontier for another Cold War.

Mutual trust urged to deal with challenges in cyberspace China Daily Updated: Remarks by Senior Captain Xu Manshu, professor at National Defense University of People's Liberation Army The rapid development and comprehensive application of information and communication technology have created and enlarged the cyberspace, which, while promoting social efficiency and economic prosperity, poses new challenges on national and international security.

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