Tasty vegetarian slow cooker soups and stews for your soul

Tomato and Vegetable White Bean Soup
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This delicious split pea soup is topped with finely shredded smoked gouda cheese, and small pieces of crispy ham. This easy weeknight chicken soup gets its knockout flavor from a can of enchilada sauce, and its nutritional punch from quinoa. This flavorful vegan slow cooker soup gets its creamy texture from a surprising secret ingredient. This Greek-inspired recipe takes traditional chicken soup to a whole new level with a rich and creamy egg-lemon broth. You may never want regular chicken noodle soup again after you try this.

Detox Vegetable Soup

This ultra-healthy, lemony chicken and rice soup gets its superfood superpowers from kale. This healthy wild rice soup recipe is made with butternut squash, kale and white beans. Slow cooker wild rice vegetable soup is a vegetarian and vegan crockpot recipe.

Slow Cooker Winter Vegetable Soup - One Pot Chef

Sausage kale sweet potato soup literally takes 15 minutes to prepare. Enjoy the aroma all day long while it cooks, and when dinner rolls around, simply scoop and serve! I sauteed in my pot step 1 and 2 and then added the remainder of the ingredients except for the red wine vinegar and spinach. I pressure cooked on high for 6 minutes. Quick released, removed bay leaf, added red wine vinegar and spinach.

15 Healthy Crock-Pot Soups for Busy Weeknights

Served once the spinach was wilted. It was delicious! Can you freeze this? I live by myself and want to make the full recipe but want to make sure this would still be good reheated. Your email address will not be published.

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Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Total Time. Feed both your body and your soul with today's savory slow cooker vegetable soup recipe. Soups and stews in general are great meals that can pack a lot of veggies and flavors. Although, they can be very time consuming and can require a significant amount of attention while cooking.

14 Vegan Fall Soups and Chillis To Comfort Your Soul - Jessica In The Kitchen

This is why a slow cooker can be your best friend. If you have a slow cooker or a Crock-pot, you understand how it is an amazing tool to save you you time, energy, stress and money.


Do you love soups and stews? I have got you covered with delicious vegetarian friendly soups and stews. It is all going to be cooked in your slow cooker or. Tasty vegetarian slow cooker soups and stews for your soul - Kindle edition by Jean Bertam. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones.

And if you not yet own one, you should absolutely. Dump all ingredients in the the pot in the morning, and go do your thing.

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Reply Grace June 4, at pm Made this tonight and it was an absolute hit! February Paleo Hamburger Soup Food, Faith, Fitness This mouthwatering soup starts with sweet potatoes cooked in a beefy tomato broth, then more veggies and juicy, golden-brown bits of hamburger get added in no goopy condensed soup here. Many of you focus on getting in more exercise or watching your portion control. For some people it means banning those sweets not my style but youdoyou and for others it means trying to eat more veggies. Thanks Tina!

Beans and wild rice are one of the most filling food in the world. The base of this stew are delicious chickpeas that are filled with protein, so feel free to have this recipe as your go-to weight loss dinner.

enter The butternut squash and the spiciness of the chili will warm you up any time of the year or day. Did anyone say comfort food without guilt?