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What is faith?

Xerox PARC, Apple, and the truth about innovation.

Faith is simply having a good opinion of God, that He is a good God, and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him Hebrews Faith is not a feeling. Emotions can come with faith, but faith is not an emotion. Being enthusiastic is related to your emotion; being optimistic is related to your mind; but faith is of the spirit 2 Corinthians Sometimes we think that faith is mental acknowledgment.

It is not. It is an active possession by declaration. We want to see before we believe. But God says, speak what you believe, and then you will see.

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Declare the. If you want good results, keep speaking that you have the mind of Christ and that you will ace your exams! If you want a promotion in your company, declare that you have the undeserved, unmerited favour of God! It is a promise in the Bible for you all the days of your life! You can trust that God will crown your year with His goodness, not because you are good, but because He is good! Do you know how God crowns the year with goodness?

The preceding verse in Psalm says that God will send rain. Rain in the Bible is always a symbol. When you say that, you are despising the goodness of God. Romans says that it will lead you to repentance. Some of you might not like some of the things you are doing — the bad habits that you have, the bad thoughts you entertain.

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Instead, look to the Lord and focus on His goodness towards you. This is what is going to bring true repentance in your life, and eventually, all the bad habits will fall off effortlessly. All along, Moses had an intimate walk with God. He spoke to God face to face and was a friend of God Exodus Make me a testimony of the Word that has been preached! Make me an example of Your goodness! Praise and worship is not part of a service programme. It is a time to declare your faith in your God, praising Him for what He has done, or is going to do in your life; to worship Him for who He is.

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And when we worship the Lord, we place ourselves in the flow of His goodness. What does it feel like to be satisfied? There is a peace about you; there is a calmness about you, and it makes you very attractive.

We are living in exciting times and we invite you to get in on the action! As God pours forth His blessings on The Zone, we encourage you to not just be a spectator, but be actively involved. God is working miracles in The Zone and you have an opportunity to see it firsthand as a server! We are all but earthen bowls , Empty vessels , jars of clay Hung upon a peg so firm , As ornaments up on display. What is your plan and purpose for my life?

What great things shall I accomplish for the kingdom in this lifetime?

Taught to believe that we have a calling and a destiny, we seek the Lord ceaselessly for purpose in our young lives. In my mind, I had a vision of where [I believed] God wanted me to end up in ministry — but how I was going to get there or how long it would take, now that part was pretty hazy. So along the way, things get difficult. You find yourself doing repetitive, mundane things for months, maybe years, seemingly inching no closer to the grand vision that He had planted in your heart. Impatience grows into frustration, and frustration into resentment.

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After all, in and of ourselves, there is nothing patient or long-suffering about our flesh. Our instant generation is very used to getting things quickly. What great things will I accomplish for Your kingdom? We sometimes mistake the Christian life as a journey of self-actualisation, when what we have actually been called to is to allow Christ to be revealed and realised through the lives we live. How then do we deal with the dissatisfaction and impatience that our flesh struggles with while waiting for the Lord to work in His time?

In the natural this may sound like a Herculean task, but I suspect the spiritual revelation is simple: stop seeing your own actualisation and the realisation of Christ in your life as two separate goals that are at odds with the other. There is no struggle between what you want for your life versus what God wants for you if you can believe that you become your best self when you let Christ shine through you.

Our Daddy God knows you so well, that He has already prepared a portion for you in His house, to do His work in your time on this earth. Choose to see and live in the knowledge that what God has given you the desire for and what He has planned for your life is very much the same thing. Fireworks explode. Confetti rains down.

The world celebrates. Except for you. God, do you really love me? Good grades? A dream job?

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When his boss told him to quit working on lasers, he continued in secret. Apple wanted to build a popular computer. So Starkweather fired a laser through the air between the two buildings, an improvised communications system that meant that, if you were driving down the Foothill Expressway on a foggy night and happened to look up, you might see a mysterious red beam streaking across the sky. Don't Miss Out! The more Starkweather talked, the more apparent it became that his entire career had been a version of this problem.

A life partner? Ok God, I guess you do really love me.

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The reason why we are so hurt when wishes are unfulfilled is because we believe that the dreams we wish for will give us a fulfilling life. We associate a lasting life with fulfilled dreams. He associates a whole and lasting life to having Jesus in our lives. When we know that God loves us and gave up Jesus on the cross for us, we will begin to understand that we already have been given everything. Let us not tie our heartstrings to the three wishes we want at the beginning of the year. Instead, tie them to a Man, hanging alone, on a tree — the greatest gift of all.

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Have you ever spent time in the Word — accompanied by an arsenal of concordances, Bible apps, and study aids — gotten excited over newfound knowledge on Hebrew meanings, Bible links, parallels and typologies, only to walk away still feeling unsatisfied, unfed? You see, I have, on more than one occasion, fallen into the trap of acquiring head knowledge about the Bible when I study and pore through the Word. As I spend time in the Word, only one thing truly counts: involving the Lord. When I do so, He reveals Himself to me in such personal ways. Bring on the Bible aids and apps, but with each fresh revelation we receive,.

As we internalise the Word, He personalises it for us. At the end of the day, there is no Bible test for us to ace, neither do we need to impress anyone God included with the number of Hebrew translations we know. Jesus, the Bread of Life is to be partaken of, fed on and nourished by. And just like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus Luke — we have the privilege of having our hearts warmed after our encounter with the Lord. Even better, we want our hearts to burn. It was a time when expectations were exceeded and mindsets changed.