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Helicopters 'water-bomb' Singapore to fight hazardous smoky haze
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Another object of the invention is to provide a portable dispenser having a nozzle adapted for filling water balloons and for providing a controlled stream of water for filling water pistols with little spillage. A further object of the invention is to provide a portable, pressurized dispenser for conveniently filling water balloons and small capacity water pistols in the midst of a competition or a water fight.

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One must have gotten tracked in and while crawling around my baby put it in his mouth. They are balloons filled to a diameter of about 75mm with air and roughly 45ml of water which have an elastic string with a finger loop tied at the end. Colorful water bombs in summer ready to play. Next Page. Many trees to act as defence People Of course you need friends to play with. I called Chris Reddy, senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a person who studies plastics and pollution.

Another object of the invention is to provide a neater and cleaner way of filling water balloons and water pistols. A further object of the invention is to provide portable, pressurized dispenser for conveniently filling water balloons and small capacity water pistols away from a water faucet.

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Another object of the invention is to provide a portable dispenser for liquids that stores empty or filled water balloons and stores other articles useful in a water fight. A further object of the invention is to provide dispenser including a trigger that actuates a valve and indicates the pressure within a pressurized reservoir. Another object of the invention is to provide a dispenser including a trigger that is also a relief valve for releasing pressure from a pressurized reservoir.

A portable dispenser acts as a portable faucet, adapted to filling water balloons and water pistols. A preferred embodiment of the dispenser includes a piston pump to pressurize a reservoir containing water.

The pressure forces the water out of the reservoir when a trigger is pulled, operating a first valve. A second valve controls the direction of the water either through a nozzle for filling water balloons and water pistols or through an attached spray nozzle. In accordance with another aspect of the invention, the first valve provides three functions; controlling the flow of water, indicating water pressure, and relieving excessive pressure.

In an alternative embodiment of the invention, the reservoir includes two or more chambers. At least one of the chambers is pressurized and an unpressurized chamber can be filled with water without relieving the pressure in the pressurized chamber. A more complete understanding of the invention can be obtained by considering the following detailed description in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:. In FIG. Hollow 12 in the lower portion of reservoir 10 is in the shape of an elliptical indentation.

Cylindrical storage compartment 14 is attached to one side of reservoir 10 and cylindrical storage compartment 16 is attached to the side of reservoir 10 opposite compartment Hinged lid 18 closes the open top of compartment Water pistol 20 is located on the front of reservoir 20 and includes trigger 22, filling nozzle 24, spray nozzle 26, and an internal valve actuated by knob Pistol 20 is held in place by supports 54, aligning nozzle 24 with the apex of hollow 12, which provides clearance for a balloon to swell while filling.

Lid 30 is on the top, flat surface of reservoir 10 and is preferably screwed on to make reservoir 10 air tight. Fitting 32 extends from the interior to the exterior of reservoir 10 and is connected to flexible tube 34 on the outside of the reservoir. Flexible tube 34 is of any desired length for connecting reservoir 10 to pistol Rod 36 extends out from reservoir 10, terminating in handle Handle 38 is locked in place by for carrying the reservoir or the handle is unlocked for pumping. Lock 40 is preferably a push and turn system in which handle 38 is pushed down as far as it will go and turned a quarter or half turn to lock the handle in place, as shown in phantom line in FIG.

Netting 42 is attached to the rear surface of reservoir 10 along both sides and the bottom thereof. Also attached to the rear surface of reservoir 10 is holster 44, which is shaped to carry a slingshot for water balloons. Slits or voids 46 in the walls of compartments 14 and 16 facilitate draining water from the compartments and permit one to check the contents of the compartments.

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Looking for water balloon fight toys to make your next fight even more epic? See these 10 toys to get started. unregeto.tk: Toperd Pack Water Balloons Refill Kits Quick & Easy Latex Water Bomb Balloons for Water Fight Games, Swimming Pool Party Summer.

Storage compartment 14 is designed to hold the detachable plastic bottles or containers from water pistols, such as from the water pistols commonly available in toy stores. Netting 42 is intended to carry empty water balloons, and holster 44 is intended to carry a slingshot for water balloons, providing a nice choice of weaponry for a combatant. After filling a large number of balloons, one needs a convenient and safe place to store them to avoid breaking the balloons prematurely.

Storage compartment 16 includes padding 74 for this purpose and includes hinged lid 18 for appearance and added protection. Slits or voids 46 permit water to drain out if a balloon breaks in a storage compartment. Base 56 includes pump cylinder 48 and fitting 32 connected on the inside of reservoir 10 to the proximal end of discharge tube Fitting 32 includes nipple 52 for connecting tube 34 to the reservoir.

Filter 68 is attached to the distal end of discharge tube 50 for filtering water pumped into the tube. Check valve 70 at the bottom end of pump cylinder 48 prevents water from entering the cylinder as handle 38 is raised. Piston 72 is attached to rod 36 for pumping air into reservoir 10, thereby increasing the pressure within the reservoir. Padding 74 lines the interior of storage compartment Reservoir 10 is filled through lid 30 with a predetermined amount of water, indicated by reference number Lid 30 is screwed on securely to make reservoir 10 air tight.

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Next, handle 38 is unlocked and moved vertically up and down, forcing air through check valve 70 on the downstroke. The air enters reservoir 10, increasing the pressure within the reservoir and in tubes 50 and As the process continues, reservoir 10 approaches a predetermined, optimal operating pressure. In reservoir 10, partition 84 separates reservoir 10 into chamber 82 above the partition and chamber 83 below the partition. The lower chamber is pressurized by drawing water from the upper, unpressurized chamber through intake tube 78 and pumping the water into the lower chamber.

Discharge tube 50 extends from fitting 32 through partition 84 to the bottom of the lower chamber. Pump cylinder 48 also extends through partition The embodiment illustrated in FIG. An advantage of this dispenser is that it allows a user to fill chamber 82 through the lid without losing the pressure that the pump has created, which is not possible with the embodiment of FIG.

Another important advantage of this embodiment is that the high pressure chamber is smaller, reducing the amount of rigid material capable of withstanding high pressures, thereby reducing the cost of producing the dispenser. Flexible tube 34 extends from reservoir 10 through the handle of pistol 20 to trigger mechanism Trigger mechanism 22 is a relief valve, a pressure gauge, and a throttle for the water released by pistol Trigger mechanism 22 preferably includes lever 60, which rotates about one end on pivot 86, and rod Rod 66 enters chamber 64 and is connected to valve 88, which slides within the chamber.

Spring 58 biases valve 88 in a first direction against stop 90 and the pressure of the water in tube 34 biases the valve in a second direction, opposite the first direction.

At a predetermined maximum pressure, spring 58 yields enough for valve 88 to move past port 94, where the water can leave trigger mechanism 22 through a continuation of flexible tube When the pressure in tube 34 is less than a predetermined maximum, spring 58 and the water pressure cause valve 88 to reach an equilibrium position at some point upstream from port 94, closing the port.

The movement of valve 88 is coupled to lever 60 by rod 66 and the free end of the lever is positioned adjacent one of a set of marks 92 on the trigger guard, thereby indicating the pressure in the reservoir. Manually actuating lever 60 compresses spring 58 and moves valve 88 past port 94, allowing water to pass through trigger mechanism Flexible tube 34 continues from trigger mechanism 22 to valve 29, where the water is directed either to filling nozzle 24 or to spray nozzle To fill a water balloon, the mouth of balloon 80 is placed over refilling nozzle 24 and valve 29 is turned to direct water to the refilling nozzle.

With tube 34 under pressure, one gently squeezes lever Valve 88 moves past port 94, permitting water to flow through the port to balloon After balloon 80 is filled to a sufficient size, lever 60 is released. One can fill water pistols from nozzle 24 in the same manner. A water pistol or a water balloon can be filled when pistol 20 is hand-held or when pistol 20 is resting on supports 54 FIG. The user can switch to spraying mode by rotating knob 28 FIG.

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Here the entire dispenser is hand-held and in the shape of a rifle. The dispenser includes pressurized container , trigger valve , filler nozzle , spraying nozzle , and selection knob Gun stock rests against the user's shoulder and reservoir is pressurized by sliding pump handle along barrel The dispenser operates as described above and preferably includes marks on the trigger guard for indicating pressure.

The first water pistol with triple function. Blast water, fill water balloons and fire soft missles. Everything you need for a water bomb fight. Featuring multiple neon colors, these balloons are easy easy to fill with the attached water bomb loader. Water bomb balloons. Simply attach the loader to a water faucet, gather your best buds, and get your arsenal ready in minutes. The above picture slightly change with the Product.

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Two handed air pressure pump. A random colour will be selected and sent out. Zuru Bunch o Balloons. Fill hundreds of water balloons with this ready-to-go bunch of pre-tied balloons and blast the competition out of the water. See similar items. Connects to garden hose. Unique, quick knot tying arm. Kids and adults can fill and tie up to balloons in just 10 minutes. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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