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45 Children's Books You'll Want To Give Again And Again
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enter Discovered on a coffee table, a great photography book or a book about lizards may occupy children for long stretches. Join — or start — a parent-child any combination book club. Being in a book club together increases the opportunities for you to start conversations about books, which may lead to deeper conversations about other subjects. Books to movies. A movie adaptation of a novel your child loves is a great way to re-engage with the book, opening a conversation about how a story can be told in different ways.

Encourage your child to read the book before the movie adaptation hits the screen. Consider establishing a family rule: No one watches the film until everyone has read the book. Let your child build a personal collection.

50 Must-Read Board Books for Babies

Children love collecting. Every child should have a special bookcase. Plan for long-term storage for the best of this collection. When your children reach adulthood and discover that you still have the books that meant so much to them in childhood, they and you!


Books are for giving. Not every book your child owns is bound for the permanent collection. Keep a regular conversation going about which books your child is ready to hand down to younger siblings, cousins or friends. Consider a birthday-party book swap. When your child is at the picture-book stage, ask guests to bring a wrapped book instead of gifts, and have everyone choose one on the way out.

With older children, have guests bring an unwrapped book, and have them choose from the pile. Determine the order by pulling numbers from a hat, or through a contest or game. Make regular trips to the library even better as a family to keep a constant stream of new and intriguing books around the house.


A delightful way for young children to discover where babies come from – from baby humans to kittens, caterpillars and kangaroos. Young children can lift the. (The World Around Me Book 1) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. A Truly Inclusive Way to Answer the Question 'Where Do Babies Come From?'.

Many local libraries no longer have limits on the number of books you can take out at one time. And keeping a constantly rotating menu of books on hand exposes children to a variety of subjects, formats and genres, piquing their curiosity. Let your children become members as soon as they are old enough. Teach your children that library membership is a privilege and a responsibility. Most children really treasure their library cards, for good reason.


See sample Privacy Policy Opt out or contact us anytime. They can be safely chewed on or thrown across the room. They are equally visual and verbal; pictures tell the story as much as the words do. Research shows that visual reading is an important precursor to verbal reading, and babies need to develop this skill. Decoding pictures and decoding words are part of the same process. Becoming a reader starts as soon as your baby pays attention to board books.

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Everything is new to a baby. The pages of a simple board book may be boring to you, but pay attention to what delights your baby in a book, and find more like it. A feast for the eyes. Board books should have big, bright images and comparatively few words. For very small babies, easy-to-see, simple black-and-white pages with big patterns are a great way to start.

As your baby gets older, find board books with bold color combinations and high-impact graphic design. All hands on board. Lift the flap.

Where do Babies come from? ~ Glmv

Feel the textures. Pull the tabs. Babies love to manipulate these features. As soon as they can use their hands, lift-the-flap books are a wonderful way to make reading a tactile activity as well as introduce the element of surprise into story time. Board-book versions of your favorites. Not every book that started out as a picture book works in the format. The art has to scale down well, and there has to be a strong, simple visual component to the story. It may be best to wait until your baby can experience that beloved book in its bigger, intended format.

Gizmos and sounds. Babies can get easily overstimulated, and they will also quickly tire of these bells and whistles. You will, too.

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Your live, human voice should trump everything else. A lot of blah-blah-blah.

How to Grow a Reader

Every word in a board book should count. The caterpillar is still hungry after all these years. A shy hippo makes a big impact in this Sandra Boynton classic. Maisy and her friends get ready for bed. Picture books are bigger than board books, with be careful! You can introduce picture books into the story time mix right from the newborn days, but the sweet spot for picture books is later toddlerhood and beyond.

It artfully combines great illustration and great words. Picture books are not just a lot of fun, they are an art form. Sometimes you can suffer through some terrible text in the service of beautiful illustration.

Start Them Early

These sturdy and brightly-colored plastic board books are cut in the shape of animals and contain quick mini-lessons inside about the animal too. The books in some of these series are best read in order, but with many your child can jump in at any point. To that I say, not at all! When your child starts talking, choose books that let babies repeat simple words or phrases. Hello, Day! Peekaboo Bedtime , by Rachel Isadora. These books are die-cut and feature adorable creatures.

And if you are reading a picture book to your child before she is reading herself, you can even get away with changing text that strikes you as outdated or just plain bad. These masters of the form can make a picture book seem like a whole world. They pay attention to the details.

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Every inch of a picture book is thought out, from the cover to the end papers. The all-time great picture books stay delightful even with frequent repetition. They let you look beyond words.

Where Do Babies Come From?

Animals are also often gender neutral and appeal to both sexes. They make facts fun. Not every picture book has to tell a story.